About Me - Bonnie Faulkner Artist


Welcome to my world 

Bonnie Artist - Fused Glass

I started my business to spread LOVE, JOY, and PEACE into your heart and life as well as the lives of your loved ones through art. Our products are created with you in mind to either indulge yourself or to share it with your family by bringing light into their world.

My love to glass and art started when my husband and I took a stained glass class together. I have finished my first window and had fallen in love with glass and I was pretty good at it! I started selling my art professionally in 1993 working in stained glass.

Afterwords I have decided in 2015 to embark on a 5 year Masters Of Fine Arts Program at Heartwood College of Art and focused on fused glass mandalas and the Heroine’s Journey. I learned so much about the properties of glass from much experimentation and exploration in creating a series of glass mandalas.

I also received a Masters in Book Arts and design, bind and create various books. It all started when I was a kid making books out of anything I could find. For me, art is about the process of creating, not necessarily the end product. Making books includes many mediums such as watercolors, calligraphy, and various printing methods.

I was discovered by a Portland, ME Jeweler who commissioned me to make glass jewelry boxes to sell in his shop. I made them with sea glass and beach pottery that I had collected on Great Diamond Island off the coast of Maine. That commission resulted in several years of work making over 4 thousand uniquely individual glass boxes.

Heron Point Studio looks out upon Maine’s Cousins River as it winds to Casco Bay and its 300 islands from which this Maine artist gathers sea glass, ceramic chips and crystallized inspirations. The Great Blue Heron nests nearby and Snowy White Egrets fill the marsh-lined river banks in the Summer, while Canada Geese and New England Ducks weather the cold waters in winter.

 Heron Point Studio View

Our art evolves naturally throughout the seasons in this picturesque and cyclic environment: stained glass, pottery, jewelry, watercolors, fiber arts, calligraphy and fused glass pass through her artistic eye and skilled hands as season follows season...interrupted by brief excursions to her island beaches and herbal gardens for her next inspired creations.

Each piece of art is always a one-of-a-kind creation that has its own unique story, whether sea glass inlaid on a stained glass box, or the Japanese Maple Leaf from her one time residence at Shaker Village, or sipping hot tea while knitting baby sweaters or prayer shawls, each unique work of art is a part of this artist‘s soul...and Maine’s way of life!

And as the Shakers would say “Hands to Work, Hearts to God.”