What Inspires You?


As an artist, this is the most often asked question. People are genuinely interested in where I get my ideas. When I think of it, there are many, many sources but my most constant is and always has been nature.

A view of the Cousins River from my studio There are times that I can’t believe how fortunate I am to simply look out my windows and see all the changes and wildlife the river has to offer.

I think of the line of baby sweaters that I’ve been working on and I find myself choosing those rich blues and greens of summer.


As winter is fast approaching, I’ll have to rely on my memory and photos of those warm summer days. 

Other inspiration has always been the mandala. I’ve drawn them, created them in fused glass & stained glass, I have painted them, sculpted them and designed my food on my plate with that inspiration. I’ve included a few of my punch needle mandalas on my website.

 This one is called Autumn Mandala and is small enough to fill a nook in your home that needs some autumn glow! It is inspired by the colors of the season and the fibers that I had to work with. 

What inspires you?


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