New Beginnings

Studio View

What better way to start the new year than with a clean and organized studio. It has been a long few months as ‘the big dig’ progressed. I say ‘dig’ because I had to dig around in my artists soul to figure out which road to take in following my bliss. I work in multiple mediums, which in itself, is a challenge. Which ones take precedence and which ones are just taking up space, time and energy?

Other questions were important in the decluttering process. Do I continue to teach? Are craft shows really where I want to put my time and energy? Am I making things to sell or to nourish my soul?

After months of figuring it out, the big change shift came when my niece drew up a floor plan for storage and helped me get organized. You know, everything has a place and a place for everything? Well, I confess, since I’ve taken her advice and filled every bin she found for me and labeled everything, it has changed the way I work. No more hours of time spent moving things around to make space to work, no more wondering where I left the awl…everything has a home and I am beyond thrilled.

I can’t say as much for my closet of clothes or the kitchen pantry…but my creative soul enters the new year with expanded energy and creative juices flowing!


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