The Reason Why I Started My Business

I’ve always been an artist for as long as I can remember. I practiced it, I taught it, and I gave it away as gifts.  It wasn’t until my 10th year of teaching in Maines public and private schools that I began thinking about selling what I made.  Being an art teacher to primary grade students was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had for many reasons. Seeing the joy on a 7 year olds face after completing their masterpiece after they said they couldn’t do it was the best. But after a while I began thinking about the joy I got in making a stained glass window or a pottery bowl. With the encouragement and help of my husband my joy was expanded!

My first craft show was a local one, the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Since it was in my own home town, how could I refuse? Looking back, I realize how much work it took to be part of that Art Show. Heron Point StudioWe designed and built our own booth, designed and hand lettered my sign, designed and made our own display units, did all the marketing and publicizing and tended the booth for 3 days and nights. Oh, and I almost forgot, designed and MADE all the work to go into the booth! I started selling stained glass lamps, jewelry boxes, picture frames, mirrors and that ever sought after jewelry...all in glass.

We learned so much from that first show. I remember the exhaustion at the end of each day, the worry of wind and rain at night. Would the booth hold up? Would the rain leak through the canvas? Luckily there were no disasters that year. We had the great fortune to be discovered by Ken Kantro of Lovell Designs in Portland. He liked my glass jewelry boxes so much that I began making them for him to sell in his Portland and Portsmouth, NH shops. I made of 1,000 of one type and over 2,000 of another type...”The Island Treasure Box” and the “Moon Horizons Box”. 

And The Journey continues!

The Journey in Fused Glass by Bonnie Faulkner

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